This is not marijuana, this is hemp.

These are not cigarettes, these are smokes.

- certified organic hemp (below 0.3% THC)
- meticulously cultivated, hand harvested, barn-dried
- wrapped in hemp paper with a biodegradable filter
- packaged in a familiar pack

What a DAY to be alive

same as yesterday and tomorrow. Be grateful and enjoy today.

Smoke a Dog

What a TIME to be alive

The fear, the madness, has given way to freedom and exploration. Research is proving the glory of this plant. Our blend brings top-notch cannabinoid profiles to promote your calm, focus, energy, and drive.

Smoke a Dog

What a PLACE to be alive

Let us be good stewards and care for this place. Dog Smokes are 100% organic, natural, and biodegradable (right down to the filter).

Smoke a Dog Today