Yes, smoke -

The world has always smoked. Smokes have been a part of humanity. And yet, humanity found a way to ruin it (like we do to most things - at least, at first).

Big tobacco made smoking hit pause, not stop. But, today, TODAY we figure it out, heal our scars, and learn from the missteps of others. Dogs are smokes, not cigarettes.

Smoke a Dog

We grow out hemp outside, in the dirt (organic dirt, by the way). We apply no pesticides or herbicides. Our hemp is meticulously cultivated, hand harvested, and barn-dried to ensure the true essence of the experience to be natural - as it has been for thousands of years.

Stepping outside with friends at the local watering hole, taking in a vista, unwinding by the campfire, howling at the moon - these are the places, the moments to enjoy. Smoke a Dog.

Smoke a Dog